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  • Astroavia has produced high quality pilots watches for over 15 years. The company was originally situated in Hanover, Lower Saxony but moved in 2009 to new and larger premises in Berlin.

  • The CityTimer watch allows you to keep track of three (3) time zones simultaneously. Thus, besides the local time, the time in for example New York and Tokyo can be displayed, particularly usefull in the financial community in connection with the timing of orders on the various exchanges.

  • The North of Denmark Classic Pilot Watch combines all classic design criterias. Easy to read in both daylight and dark environments. The watch offers a stop watch and a 24H dial.

  • Information required for contacting or dealing with pilotur.dk. Are you unsure about something, you can always call us at +45 40721985

  • pilotur.dk shall be happy to assist you in develloping a custom made watch for your company or association. We can build on an existing model, where it is possible to customize the clock face and back of the watch, or we can develop a new watch from scratch.

  • The North of Denmark Endurance watch was worn by the English marine Ripley Davenport in 2010 as he made the world record for the longest solo ever trek across Mongolia without any outside help

  • In April 2010 the SAR Squadron of the Royal Danish Air Force contacted pilotur.dk to have produced a number of pilots watches with custom designed dial and back plate. The final design was completed in August 2010 and the finished watches were delivered in December 2010.

  • In January 2009, the Royal Danish Naval Air Squadron (now Squadron 723) contacted pilotur.dk to have produced a number of pilot watches with custom designed dial and back plate. The final design was completed in April 2009 and the finished watches were delivered in August 2009.

  • Super sophisticated and smart pilot watch with alarm and inner bezel. With the slide ruler bezel it is possible to take various calculations including currency conversions (eg. from Euro to Danish crowns). Casing and bracelet stand out in satin finish. The watch also comes with black leather strap.Analog/Quartz-værk OS80 fra Citizen m. dato. The watch is identical with the FlightCom watch apart from the white color of the bezel.

  • With the NOD Freediver watch we have strived at develloping the ultimate divers watch

  • Here are answers to some frequently asked questions. You are also welcome to call us at +45 40721985

  • The North of Denmark Hawk Eye pilot watch has been developed for ESK 722, the search and rescue (SAR) squadron in the Danish Air Force.

  • Pilotur.dk offers high quality professional pilot watches at resonable prices

  • The MusicPilot watch is an invention made by Soren Braes and has a patent pending.

  • North of Denmark is our own watch series. We design everything ourselves including watch case, dial, hands and layout of back plate. All watches are equipped with sapphire glass and a water resistancy of 100 meters.

  • The watch from abart which in 2010 received the "reddot design award" - perhaps the world's premier design award

  • Black variation of the watch from a.b.art which in 2010 received the "reddot design award" - perhaps the world's premier design award

  • Automatic version of the watch from abart which in 2010 received the "reddot design award" - perhaps the world's premier design award

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  • pilotur.dk partner/affiliate program

  • Here you can read and search for information about everything related to buying and owning a watch from pilotur.dk

  • Eventhough pilotur.dk uses very little money on marketing, our watches are met with great interest by the press and in various periodicals.

  • Our main marketing tool is your satisfaction. On this page you can read about what the media and existing customers think about us and what experiences they have done when dealing with pilotur.dk

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  • Whatever you need a watch for, then we can only recommend pilotur.dk both when it comes to the quality of their watches and the service they offer.

  • Whatever you need a watch for, then we can only recommend pilotur.dk both when it comes to the quality of their watches and the service they offer.

  • ”My North of Denmark Endurance watch has been my daily companion for the last three years. Having a rather simple but elegant design, I was not worried wearing the watch for all kind of sport activities and I did not take it off doing garden work. When visiting my home country Switzerland, people tend to ask me what kind of watch I am wearing and they were quite astonished to hear that it is a Danish Pilot watch in a limited edition! This watch, unlike most chronographs, simple fits my wrist and is comfortable to wear. I am sure it willl be my reliable companion for the next many years…”

  • Whatever you need a watch for then pilotur.dk can be really recommended both in relation to product quality and company service.

  • The SubZero GMT watch arrived at the South Pole on December 29, 2009 as the official expedition watch on the Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition . The watch can withstand extreme temperatures of down to minus 40 degrees centigrades.

  • The North of Denmark TransAtlantic pilot watch is our answer to the demand of a classic pilotwatch from the 60ies

  • The Traveller GMT watch is designed for pilots and businessmen, who often travel between different time zones and need to keep track of time both locally and at home.

  • The a.b.art Twin Orbit-S watch has as something unique, both weekday and date display in the form of dots moving in an orbit around the clock center.

  • Here you will find useful information about the movements in our watches and the operation of the various features of the watches.

  • Pilotur.dk was founded by Soren Braes back in 2008 and is based in Graasten, Denmark. We emphasize that a watch should be easy to read both day and night. In addition, a watch should be beautiful and functional. Pilotur.dk has its own watch series "North of Denmark"

  • The North of Denmark WingCommander has an inner rotable bezel/lynette with an E6B computer and is equipped with an alarm function and an extended stop-watch.

  • The North of Denmark WorldTimer has an inner rotable bezel/lynette which is used to represent the time in different time zones. Each time zone is represented with the name of a city in thet time zone (BER = Berlin is in the GMT+1 time zone). The watch also has an extended stop-watch.

  • Do you or your company comtemplate making your own watch? A watch is probably that advertising object in the wholw world with the strongest signal value. At pilotur.dk we can offer you assistance in making this dream come true - with guarantee!