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 NOD - Hawk Eye II - Medivac pilot watch




The Hawk Eye pilot watch has been developed for ESK 722, the search and rescue (SAR) squadron in the Danish Air Force. The watch has a tachymeter where the first 18s are reserved for pulse measurement (15 heart beats). Through this feature the rescuers can quickly gain an initial impression of the persons state. The pulse feature is also extremely useful for running or other sports.

The Hawk Eye II is an evolution of the original Hawk Eye and has been designed to withstand arctic temperatures.

The watch has a stop-watch that can measure up to 11H 59m 59S. The crown is custom designed with a sharper relief than usual, which increases ease of handling in extreme situations.

The watch is fitted with scratch-resistant sapphire glass and has extra gaskets and reinforced house to give increased water resistancy.

The watch is very easy to read both in bright daylight and pitch black darkness.

The watch comes with an exclusive matt massive brushed steel bracelett in titanium look and a black water repellant leather starp.

The movement in the watch is a classic Citizen Miyota OS10.

The watch is produced in a limited edition of only 240 pieces, of which 140 are for civilian sale and numbered separately.

  • Citizen Miyota OS10 Analogue/Quartz movement
  • Stop-watch (11H 59M 59S)

  • Sapphire-glass
  • Limited edition (only 140 numbered pcs. available for civilian sale)
  • Massive matt steel bracelet + black water repellant 20 mm leather strap
  • Push-buttons with the right  "touch-and-feel"
  • Strongly luminiscent hands and dial
  • Screwed back plate with F16-logo
  • Watch case in 316L stainless steel
  • 40.2 mm excl. crown, heigth: 9.7 mm
  • Water Resistance 10 atm.
  • 24 months warranty

Price: EUR 470,- (DKK 3.475,-) incl. Danish VAT

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Hawk Eye - Leather



More pictures of the NOD Hawk Eye pilot watch 

Hawk Eye - Back 



Hawk Eye - Bracelet