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Partner/Affiliate Info

How does the program work?

When one of your visitors uses the link to pilotur.dk, we record that he or she comes from your home page. If he or she subsequently orders watches from us, you will receive commission. This also applies to more than one order. Sales to one customer who was referred by you, will generate commission for you regardless of when the sales takes place.

The commission is calculated on the basis of the sales price incl. VAT but excl. handling and freight.

Your commission is 5% of the sales price.

The commission is paid once a month at the beginning of the month.

If a customer steps back from a purchase, no commission is earned.


Rights and reservations of pilotur.dk

pilotur.dk reserves the right to refuse partnership with a website that may seem offensive or otherwise contrary to what we stand for, or want to signal.

pilotur.dk reserves the right to stop the partner / affiliate program. Already earned commission will of course be paid.

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